Columbans mourn San Antonio tragedy as another instance of policy violence

El Paso, TX - "The news from San Antonio that nearly 50 migrants died inside a semi-truck once again reminds our nation of the cruel consequences of our unjust immigration system," said Cynthia Gonzalez, Advocacy Coordinator for the St. Columban Mission for Justice, Peace and Ecology. "Once again, the surviving families, as well as the communities impacted by this injustice, must struggle to process their loved one's untimely death because they were simply trying to build a dignified life. Policies like Title 42 and 'Remain in Mexico,' as well as the militarization of the US/MX border, prevent migrants from accessing their fundamental right to seek safety in our country. By creating a policy labyrinth that is nearly impossible to navigate, we force migrants into increasingly desperate situations that often make them even more vulnerable to danger and criminal abuse. What happened in San Antonio is another reminder that an immigration system built without justice and mercy kills."


The Missionary Society of St. Columban is an international Catholic organization of priests and laypeople. For nearly 100 years, we have walked in solidarity with forcibly displaced communities in countries like Australia, Britain, Chile, Korea, and Taiwan, as well as along the US/MX border. Along the border, in response to the needs of migrants and asylum-seekers, we run shelters and safe spaces that protect families with young children, and other initiatives like our resource navigation project, which connects migrants with services like medical care and legal assistance. Learn more about our work at the US/MX border here.

Publication Date
June 28, 2022