Snapshots of Haitian migration issues

People from Haiti have been migrating throughout the Americas for over a decade, and for many reasons, including extreme poverty, violence, natural disasters, and political unrest. The first major influx of people displaced from Haiti occurred soon after a massive earthquake hit the country in 2010, but has only continued in the wake of other natural disasters and political disruptions. While Haitians found temporary relief in South American countries like Chile and Brazil, anti-immigrant attitudes and legislation have intensified in the region since 2017. This, along with the trauma of racist hostilities, have forced Haitians to migrate further north, with many arriving at the US/MX border since late 2020. 

The Missionary Society of St. Columban welcomes and accompanies Haitian migrants in both Chile and on the US/MX border. In response to the community’s needs in both countries, we run shelters and safe spaces that protect families with young children, and other initiatives that connect them with resources and services, like medical care and legal assistance. We also see how Haitians are experiencing racism and discrimination, which causes them to receive less support and more hostility from local governments and communities than other migrant populations.

On this webpage, we invite you to learn more about Haitian migrants and the people of faith who welcome them. We hope these resources can help you unpack how the legacy of colonialism and the reality of systemic racism are driving forces of displacement in the Americas and are influencing many countries’ immigration policies.

How Can You Get Involved?

Map of Haiti

Root Causes of Migration from Haiti

Learn more about the root causes that are displacing Haitians from their home and forcing them to seek safety elsewhere.

Capitol Building

Tell Congress: Welcome Haitians at the US/MX Border

Write to your Members of Congress today urging them to end MPP and Title 42, two policies that are denying Haitians their right to request asylum.

Asylum seekers from Haiti

Support Haitian Asylum Seekers

The Missionary Society of St. Columban operates a number of humanitarian projects that helps support Haitian asylum-seekers in their journey. Consider donating to support these life-saving projects.