Across the world in countries that are rich in oil, gas, and minerals, extractive industries are inflicting lasting damage to poor and indigenous communities as well as the earth itself. 

Columbans see up-close how this way of doing business excuses the permanent destruction of precious ecosystems and takes advantage of workers and local communities. For example, in Chile and Argentina, a 2000 bilateral agreement drafted by the Barrick Gold Company sanctioned a previously prohibited mountain-top removal project. This project eventually affected glacier ecosystems, headwater basins, and placed in jeopardy the health and well-being of communities downstream.

It is also clear to us that extractive industries are one of the root causes of climate change, species extinction, and mass migration. If we’re going to end these injustices, we need public policy that respects the dignity of the natural world and impose ethical responsibilities on businesses. 

Through our work on ecology, we aim to empower impacted communities and people of faith with the tools to advocate for policy that builds a fossil fuel free future and puts in place alternatives to massive extractive projects. 

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Purchasing Is a Moral Act

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